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What do you need?

We offer a range of help for employers from a sense-check on Zoom to training and consultancy

1. A Zoom consultation or call

We're at the end of the phone or on Zoom to discuss your approach, give ideas and advice or help solve a problem. Great if you need a sounding board or to sense-check an idea. To book a call and arrange payment, please get in touch on

2. Consultancy & awareness training

If you're looking for more in-depth support, please get in touch to talk about our consultancy and training services. We have a wealth of experience in culture change and can help right through your project life cycle. Contact us at

3. Ask us to speak

Lindsey Simpson and Katie Lewis are authors of the Fitness and Active Leisure Workforce State of Mind survey 2021. If you would like us to speak at your event or with with your board, senior managers or wider team about workplace mental health, please get in touch to discuss your proposal at


You can hear us speak on the podcasts on our media page.

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