We all have both mental and physical health, but many of us find it harder to talk about mental health. This matters because it affects our ability to stay well or ask for help if we need it. We'd like to help change that. 

Our aim is to shine a light on the UK workforce's current mental health, ditch the stigma and shift the culture for a healthier, happier, more productive workforce. CEOs to duty managers, fitness instructors to swimming teachers, marketing managers to life guards - this is for you.

Powered by research, partnered with CIMSPA
We believe in evidence-backed action and we're delighted to have partnered with CIMSPA on an original piece of research to help the sector understand and meet the mental health challenges ahead. You can download your free copy of the inaugural report here. Our 2021 findings show a broad variation in organisational approaches to managing employee’s mental wellbeing and diverse personal experiences among the workforce. We offer four recommendations as well as the opportunity for employers to take decisive action and sign
The Good Work Pledge to start meeting the challenge ahead.

2022 Fitness & Active Leisure Workforce State of Mind Survey
The 2022 Summary Report is out now. Download your FREE copy here. Our thanks to everyone who took part and to active-net where we launched the results on 23 March.To be kept up to date on our work, news and insights, please subscribe below.

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Our ambition is to normalise conversations and drive positive action around mental health for everyone working in fitness & active leisure 

Katie Lewis and


Co-founders of Workplace Mental Wealth

Lindsey Simpson


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On the Phone

Meet the team


Katie Lewis



Katie is a specialist communications expert focused on raising awareness and changing the perception of mental health through stimulating conversation, questioning language choices and showcasing success. Katie has worked in the fitness and active leisure sector for more than 25 years and is now keen to turn her attention to encouraging not just physical but also mental wellness.

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Lindsey Simpson



A communication and engagement specialist for over 25 years and a mental health first aid instructor, Lindsey works with organisations to create healthy cultures. Lindsey was the then FIA's first membership liaison manager and she's worked for some of the biggest names in the industry. Her commitment to mental health awareness and progress is coupled with a lifelong love for all things active and an extensive collection of trail shoes.

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